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What's New in Version 2.0.0?
Required Hardware and Software
Download ShapeCAD
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Custom Solutions
Future Plans


ShapeCAD is a highly graphical tool for assembling, and calculating section properties for, built up structural shapes. Sections are created using a built in section database for all common structural shape types, and tools for defining custom shapes using plate, square and round bar sections. Any combination of sections, plates and bars can be combined to develop highly customized structural shapes.


Individual elements, multiple elements or the entire assembled shape can be manipulated using familiar CAD methods such as Rotate, Mirror, Move, etc.. Cut and paste ability is also available for copying some or all elements. Advanced CAD aids are used to simplify graphical precision, such as automatic proximate node detection and snapping, as well as traditional tools like grid snapping.

All commonly required section properties are calculated in realtime as shapes are added or manipulated. Section properties can be calculated about a global real world axis, or about the principal axis of the built up section. Section properties can be calculated in both S.I. and Imperial/U.S. units.

Below is a description of the section properties ShapeCAD provides:

  • A: Cross sectional area.
  • y: Distance to centroid of section, weak neutral axis.
  • x: Distance to centroid of section, strong neutral axis.
  • d: Section depth.
  • b: Section width.
  • Ix: Moment of Intertia about strong axis.
  • Sx: Elastic section modulus about strong axis (minimum).
  • rx: Radius of gyration about strong axis.
  • Zx: Plastic section modulus about strong axis.
  • Iy: Moment of Intertia about weak axis.
  • Sy: Elastic section modulus about weak axis (minimum).
  • ry: Radius of gyration about weak axis.
  • Zy: Plastic section modulus about weak axis.
  • J: St. Venant torsional constant.
  • Cw: Warping torsional constant.
For more information on the features and abilities of ShapeCAD, please review the online help file at

Required Hardware and Software

ShapeCAD is intended to run under the following environment:
  • A PC (Intel or AMD based) running Windows95 or above.
  • 10 MB free disk space.
  • 32MB system RAM.
  • Minimum 640x480 display resolution, 256 colours.
Download ShapeCAD

ShapeCAD is shareware and free to download and evaluate. This does not mean ShapeCAD is free. Users that decide to use ShapeCAD beyond a date of 30 days after first installing ShapeCAD must purchase the software (see here for more information). The license agreement you accept when installing the software has more information on restrictions when installing and using ShapeCAD.

The latest version of ShapeCAD is 2.0, and is available for download here:

The online help file has a section on the history of ShapeCAD, including bug fixes and updates listed by version.


Once you have evaluated ShapeCAD for 30 days, please purchase a licensed copy for each machine you will be installing the software on. An individual copy of ShapeCAD currently costs $129 USD.

Currently we accept PayPal or a major credit card as an automatic method of payment. Please click the following link to purchase a copy. It is important that you include a message with the following information:
  • Your email address.
  • Your name or company name as you would like it to appear in printed output.
  • Clearly note that you are purchasing ShapeCAD.
When payment is received, a registration key will be sent to the provided email address with your name or company name listed as the licensee (no shipping is involved). Please allow up to 24 hours for this to reach you.

Click the "If you do not already have a PayPal account" button to simply pay by credit card.

Alternatively, contact us at to discuss alternate methods of payment, multiple licenses, flat rates, etc.

Thank you for considering ShapeCAD. We look forward to hearing from you!

Custom Solutions

ShapeCAD is also available as a custom solution for your company. Whether you're a software vendor looking for a custom tool to include with your structural analysis package, or a corporation with specific features or a format that ShapeCAD currently lacks, we would be happy to hear from you to discuss options.

Future Plans

ShapeCAD will continue to improve based on user feedback.

ShapeCAD is a trade mark of Mirkwood Services Inc. Copyright 2006 Mirkwood Services Inc. All rights reserved.